Accounts Payable Services for Growing Businesses

As your company grows, the more challenging it becomes to keep up with your accounts payable. Entrusting the experts at CFO Shield with your business’ accounts payable is a step toward a more streamlined financial practice for your company.  Not only can we augment your current process, we can make it more efficient now and with future growth.


Accounts Payable Services Provided by CFO Shield:

Record management of all vendor payments and company expenditures

Collection and verification of invoices, bills, and checks

Including pre-audit checks to ensure accuracy and relevance prior to payment

Reviewing of vendor and service provider agreements

Correspondence with vendors, maintaining vendor profiles, and processing vendor checks

Tracking expenses and processing expense reports

Tracking and payment of sales and use taxes

Monitoring account balances

Recording invoices and bills

Ensuring proper account allocation based on project, job, or expense description

Issuing checks to vendors for timely payments

Keeping track of credit account spending and making payments on credit accounts

Completing audits of open invoices and ensuring proper follow-up

Streamlining company payment process

Assisting with audits

Benefits of Utilizing our Accounts Payable Services:

Our accounts payable services can benefit your business in many ways, including:

Record management of all vendor payments and company expenditures

Reduced human error by automated system and application

Streamlined processes by simplifying the bill approval process through auto-entered invoices available for immediate review

Real-time visibility to open invoices and payments received

Payments can be applied same day

Manage payments seamlessly