CFO Shield Financial Dashboard

Taking the next step to understanding all aspects of your business.

As Plato said, “A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.”  You won’t learn the financial health of our business by staring at a page full of numbers. As a business owner, you need to understand all the financial aspects of your business beyond the numbers. You need to understand the meaning of the numbers and how they are impacting your business.  The customized dashboards at CFO Shield break down every transaction into easy-to-understand reports that can help steer your company to success.


Tools and Information Provided Through the CFO Shield Financial Dashboard

Critical figures that drive your company’s performance:


Gross Profit Margin

Average Expenses

Operating Income

Real time account cash balances

Liquidity ratio; ability to pay debt obligations by assessing the short-term financial position of your business

Understanding your current, short-term obligations while projecting your future needs through assessing your working capital

Realizing your operating cash flow

Estimating your gross profit margin

Income remaining after cost of goods sold

Comparing your revenue and expenses versus your current budget

Understanding where adjustments need to be made to adapt to projected budgets

Measuring your ability to pay short-term liabilities with current assets

Assessing the average number of days from the sale of goods to receipt of payment

Calculating your company’s financial leverage and profitability

Debt-to-equity ratio, taking total liabilities in comparison to shareholder equity

Return on equity, net income as a percentage of the shareholders equity

Insight into your company’s accounts payable functions

Average outstanding invoices and length of time to close them

Top outstanding accounts contributing to high turnover

Reviewing your company’s accounts payable and performance to pay timely

Knowing your client’s financial profile and contribution to your company

Benefits of Utilizing our Dashboard information

Knowledge is power.  The more you understand the how and the why of what drives your company’s success, the better equipped you will be in making successful business decisions.  The CFO Shield Financial Dashboard can quickly and easily equip business owners with all the information they need. Your business’ dashboard will:

Provide real time updates and information to make on the spot decisions

Give in-depth visibility to how transactions and decisions could affect your bottom line

Deliver insight that will put you above your competition to succeed

Financial Performance Against Budget


Are we meeting expectations?

Common Financial Ratios

Can we meet our obligations?


Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Analysis


Who owes me money and to whom do I owe money?

Margin/Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Analysis

Where am I making profit or showing losses?


Expense Analysis


Am I spending too much money?