Payroll Services for Small Business Owners 

A Full-service payroll solution for your growing business

Payroll is one of the most overwhelming tasks a small business owner faces. The process is time-consuming, and a simple error can result in unhappy employees and even worse, expensive fines. Many businesses turn to cloud-based payroll services that still require the business owner to spend hours processing payroll and tracking reports. At CFO Shield, our experts handle the entire payroll process for you, customizing a system that suits your needs now and remains scalable for your business in the future.


Payroll Services Provided by CFO Shield:

Verify and correcting timekeeping records

Communicate with employees regarding paid time off (PTO) and timesheet/salary discrepancies

Obtain final approval of payroll summary for processing of checks

Import employee payroll information into payroll software

Confirm employee tax status and withholding information

Ensure proper employee documents are maintained for records

Maintain and update employee information as needed

Multi-State Tax Filings

Update payroll records for exemptions, deductions, insurance coverage, and PTO utilization

Import payroll data for final processing

Prepare checks for manual or direct deposit disbursement

Provide employee paycheck stubs

Ensure compliance and confidentiality for all employees and records

Maintain compliant policies and procedures for processing payroll checks

Process contractor payments

Ensure proper filing of documentation for services to validate payments

Process 1099 reports

Benefits of Payroll Services through CFO Shield

Our payroll services can benefit you and your business in many ways:

Reduced overhead for your company

Allows for same day processing of payroll

Centralized location to store employee documents necessary for tax filing purposes

Streamlines the PTO management process to determine remaining hours

Control to assign each employee to payroll jobs or tasks for easier job costings capabilities