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The Importance of Visual Reporting

Quickbooks Online is a powerful accounting program for businesses, like yours. It can handle expenses, track incoming revenue, and make reconciliations easier. But how can a small business owner utilize all that data?

One of the most important solutions is to put the vital information into quick-to-read graphics, otherwise known as ‘visual reporting’.

Let’s cover some examples, showing exactly how access to automated visual reports gives you insights into the financial performance of your company. This can be done easily with the CFO Shield customized dashboard.

First, all the information must be there. If you’re like many small businesses, cloud accounting software such as Quickbooks Online is one of the top accounting platform choices.

A reliable visual tool can bring in all your data, allowing you to incorporate with other tools and label income streams for better tracking. The CFO Shield custom dashboard for your business does all of this in an easy-to-understand format.

All your accounts, payroll data, credit cards and monthly expenses quickly turn into your first visual ‘Business Performance’ reports.

The CFO Shield Custom Dashboard allows owners to see all their important financials in one place.

  • Revenue

  • Gross Profit

  • Net Income

  • Current Account Balances

  • Net Cash

  • Operating Expenses

Seeing all this information in one place, in real time, allows you to make better decisions for your business. You can see real time account cash balances that help you understand your current short-term obligations while being able to project your future needs.

All this real time tracking allows the owners of businesses to use this to evaluate their bottom line and delivers insight that will put you above your competition. It helps answer questions. Are you meeting your expectations? Are you meeting your obligations as a business owner? Who owes your money and who do you owe money to? Where am I making significant profits vs. showing losses?

If you are interested in learning more about your company’s health and reporting or would like a visual demonstration of our proprietary customized dashboard, contact us at CFO Shield or schedule a meeting.