We help business owners achieve their goals

CFO Shield provides Fractional CFO services to businesses who have the need for a dynamic experienced CFO, but who have not reached the size where they need a full-time CFO.


CFO Shield provides B2B companies with the advanced expertise that many business owners struggle with when it comes to their financials.  With a comprehensive and customized approach, easy-to-digest reports, and expert support and assistance, you can feel confident in your goals and your mission. We work with you to reach the next level for your business, no matter what stage you are currently in.


Law Firm

At CFO Shield, we understand the diverse nature of your work.  Our experience working with small to medium sized law firms has given us the confidence to build reputable and concise financial records, specific to this industry. We work with you to cover the essentials, so your firm stays compliant with the American Bar Association’s Rules of Professional Conduct.  With our help, your clients will be confident in your records, your firm will be organized, and you will begin to reach new revenue benchmarks.

Construction related business

For a construction business, job estimating can be complicated and time-consuming.  It is also an essential step that cannot be rushed.  Partnering with CFO Shield will allow you to better understand your job costing, give you confidence in your bids, and leave you with time to concentrate on other important aspects of your business. With our tools and experience, we can provide a fully integrated package of services to streamline your financial processes, track your costs, and thoroughly understand your profitability.