CFO Shield provides B2B companies with the advanced expertise that many business owners struggle with when it comes to their financials.  With a comprehensive and customized approach, easy-to-digest reports, and expert support and assistance, you can feel confident in your goals and your mission. We work with you to reach the next level for your business, no matter what stage you are currently in.

Improve and Update Your Existing Systems with:

Bookkeeping - Payroll - Accounts Payable

CFO Shield’s B2B services help to implement the accounting systems necessary to sustain your growth and organize your books.  Our team is a group of QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisors and we can aid you in:​

Applying proper accounting systems and policies

Organizing your current books through our bookkeeping services

Streamlining your payroll processes with our comprehensive payroll service

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Updating and managing your Accounts Payable processes

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Developing your existing employees to understand and thrive within the new systems

Assisting in the hiring process to seek employees with essential knowledge and skills necessary to carry out financial goals

CFO-On-Demand Services for B2B

Capital Strategies to Promote Growth

At CFO Shield we partner with businesses to develop capital strategies that align with your company’s current stage of growth, goals, and challenges.  We work to analyze and understand the needs of the business today and implement systems that will promote lasting and sustainable growth for the future.  This can involve:

Analyzing prospective services, markets, and customer segments

Developing business growth plans

Improving and managing strategic relationships

Producing financial forecasts

Improve Visibility and Analytical Capabilities

The experts at CFO Shield work to create and improve your current systems for enhanced visibility and analytical capabilities.  This provides actionable information to improve your confidence in making informed financial decisions, setting and achieving performance goals, and empowering you with detailed information about your business. Improved systems and visibility will ease the decision-making process and allow you to track your business’s growth. We accomplish this through:

Investigating cash flow challenges and operational friction to develop innovative solutions

Converting large amounts of data into comprehensible and actionable information

Preparing budgets based on well-defined forecasts

Providing monthly budget comparisons vs actual analysis

Overseeing due diligence in all financial aspects

Our goal in assisting and partnering with any business is to take away the burden of navigating financial challenges that inevitably arise. CFO Shield converts your business’ finances into manageable and understandable measures that allow you to focus on making your company flourish.