Construction Related Business


For a construction business, job estimating can be complicated and time-consuming.  It is also an essential step that cannot be rushed.  Partnering with CFO Shield will allow you to better understand your job costing, give you confidence in your bids, and leave you with time to concentrate on other important aspects of your business. With our tools and experience, we can provide a fully integrated package of services to streamline your financial processes, track your costs, and thoroughly understand your profitability.

Take Command of Your Bookkeeping System

Including Payroll and Accounts Payable

Accurately tracking costs for every project is crucial for a construction business to control budgets and bid intelligently for new jobs.  These actions form the core of your business.  Construction clients of CFO Shield benefit from our expert group of QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisors to:

Track costs for each project through an enhanced accounts payable process

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Develop a job cost structure with a system of categories to be applied across all jobs

Develop a system to properly retain your financial documents

Provide project specific progress billing: AIA progress billing, unit price billing, or fixed price billing

Handle various payroll challenges of prevailing wages, union, and multiple jurisdictions (our payroll service benefits)

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Increase Efficiency and Improve Business Performance

With CFO-On-Demand Services for Construction

Understanding Beyond the Basics

Each construction project for your business is unique and needs to be treated like a short-term profit center, with its own inputs and requirements. That is why understanding the overall picture for your business can get confusing. At CFO Shield, we work with our clients to bring a clear picture for understanding overhead and increasing profits. This includes:

A clear breakdown of construction costs to the applicable contract, including direct and indirect costs

Assisting with vendor bid management, contract administration, procurement, and project management

Evaluating overhead allocation to distribute costs evenly

Analyzing the current backlog to identify fading profit margins

Outlearn Your Competition

By understanding why your business is making or losing money, you can outlearn your competition and gain insight to bring your business to the forefront.  Getting your books organized and mastering your payroll is simply the starting point.  Now you are ready to grow, and CFO Shield can provide you with the additional tools to take you to the next level. These tools include:

Benchmark analysis by converting large amounts of financial data into easy-to-understand information

Daily analytics to achieve consistent, repeatable profit margins

Improved project bidding to deliver measurable profit increase and growth metrics

The construction industry is not for the faint of heart and neither are the challenges that come with their financial obligations.  At CFO Shield, we understand this industry and we are here to help streamline your operations and monitor your compliance.  Let us work to improve your bottom line and increase your cash flow so you can concentrate on gaining new opportunities and preparing for the future.