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At CFO Shield, we understand the diverse nature of your work.  Our experience working with small to medium sized law firms has given us the confidence to build reputable and concise financial records, specific to this industry. We work with you to cover the essentials, so your firm stays compliant with the American Bar Association’s Rules of Professional Conduct.  With our help, your clients will be confident in your records, your firm will be organized, and you will begin to reach new revenue benchmarks.

Taking Care of Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Accounts Payable

Your priority is your law practice, and this leaves little time for keeping up with the numbers.  Our proven systems relieve you, the business owner, the responsibility of tracking daily income, processing expenses, and monitoring profit and loss. 

Our QuickBooks ProAdvisor certified experts can handle the details for you by:

Building a custom chart of accounts for your firm’s size, jurisdiction and practice area

Managing and maintaining meticulous records for Trust and IOLTA accounts

Developing and automating timekeeping to invoicing workflow

Preparing separate ledgers for your operating account from your trust account

Streamlining payroll processes (our payroll service benefits)

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Collecting settlements

Creating invoices to explain disbursement of trust funds (accounts payable service)

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Providing accurate job costings

Differentiating income and revenue

Want to Understand Your Financial Outlook?
CFO-On-Demand Services for Law Firms

Your Firm, Your Business

Your passion is your law firm, but it is also your business and we want to help distinguish your business above the rest.  The financial experts at CFO Shield go beyond basic bookkeeping to help you develop the best practices to stabilize your business. This is accomplished through:

Integrating and implementing a plan of change for the proper financial foundation

Understanding staff productivity

Analyzing the health of your firm

Interpreting the health of the firm’s client (trust balance, timekeeper reports, AR collections, etc.)

Know Your Finances and How They can Work for You

Understanding and analyzing financial information is a huge step to stimulate future growth for your firm.  Once your books are in order, we can work with you to develop your understanding and decision-making capabilities through:

Transforming large amounts of financial data into comprehensible and actional reports, easy for you to understand

Providing revenue benchmarks through the development of effective budgets

Overhead reduction or financial growth by recognizing opportunities

CFO Shield is here to be your trusted partner and fill in the gaps to your financial needs.  Our team works to remove the additional burden you face when trying to understand and develop a financial foundation for your firm. By breaking down your finances into easy to swallow bits of information, you are left to spend more time on the important things, your clients and growing your business.